Welcome to Viking Hill Farm.  We are a small scale, diversified farm nestled on the top of our hill in Freedom, New Hampshire.  We are passionate about growing clean, fresh, nutrient rich food and strive to use holistic methods that build ecological health while producing food for ourselves and our community.  A path of deeply caring about the food we ate as well as the source and raising methods of food has led us to where we are now.  We would love to be your farmer.


Pastured Broilers

Chicken dinner and leftovers in a convenient package.  Our broilers enjoy their days in the fields foraging on greens and wilds and we provide organic feed supplemented with organic kelp meal.  Stock your freezer and have easy meals for weeks to come.


Pastured Pork

Our pigs are fed organic feed plus organic kelp meal for vitamins and minerals, and table scraps that don’t make it to the compost (because it’s far more fun to watch the pigs enjoy them).  They are rotated around our fields and woods so they always have a fresh area to root, play and fully express their pigness.  This allows them to consume as much of a wild diet of roots, blueberries, acorns and grass as they desire.

Sold by hanging weight

Half: $4.25 / lb + butcher cost

Whole: $4 / lb + butcher cost

Cut sheets available


My day wouldn’t be complete without letting the hens out each morning and tucking them in each evening.  They are chauffeured around in the eggmobile every few days to a new area for them to tackle.  This provides them fresh landscape to forage and hunt.  They return the favor by eating pest insects and fertilizing the land behind them, helping to keep our little ecosystem clean and vibrant.  We provide organic feed supplemented with organic kelp meal for our hens.

$5 / dozen

Duck Eggs

We find that people have either never tried duck eggs or are madly in love with them.  Our ducks make a great addition to the farm with their beauty, quacks and love of eating insects.  We provide organic feed supplemented with organic kelp meal while moving the ducks around the farm so they have a fresh location to forage, waddle and hunt bugs.

$6 / dozen


We start with organic seeds and compost.  Add some sunshine and rain.  Then round it out with a whole lot of nitty gritty work and love and the results are amazingly delicious fruits and vegetables to nourish the body.  We focus on flavor and nutrition in what we grow.  Focusing on breeds that will boost health when grown and when eaten.  We grow some heirloom varieties to get those truly timeless flavors and sometimes just fun foods you never see on grocery store shelves.  Leafy greens and copious helpings of other vegetables are central to living life at the peak of health.


It all started in a tiny garden with half a dozen cucumber plants, a handful of carrots seeds and a patch of lettuce.  Rabbits proved cartoons wrong by devouring the lettuce while not touching the carrots, but that little garden lit the spark for our passion of raising food for our loved ones.  We took the only possible next step and got our first backyard flock of six chickens and discovered what eggs were supposed to taste like.  Ending days dirty, tired and sore yet grinning ear to ear had us knowing we were doing it right.

Now we are lucky enough to not only provide wonderful food for our little family, but for our communal family as well.  Viking Hill Farm is a mix of pastures, forests, granite ledge and a pond.  We practice ecologically regenerative production using all of the wonderful tools we’ve learned along the way.  From permaculture designs to ensure resilient systems to holistic management techniques that boost the health of the animals and plants and indeed the entire farm rather than negatively targeting pests.

We look forward to the all the adventures that the future holds and the opportunity to rejuvenate the wonderful piece of land we are lucky enough to call home.

~The Marques Family


If you have any questions or would like to buy the best food around feel free to get in touch with us


Email us: viking.hill.farm@gmail.com


Call/text: 603-986-6465


Come knock on our door and visit the fields and critters:

The end of Watson Hill Rd

Freedom, NH 03836